The Placid Point Lighting Difference
The Placid Point Lighting Difference - High Quality Post & Stair Accent Light - Placid Point Lighting - Outdoor LED Lighting
Energy Efficient

Our Down Lights use an economical .96 watts for an eco-friendly approach to path lighting. The standard Post Cap Lights utilize only 2.4 watts. While many other Post Lights use double or triple that wattage per unit, our products promote cost savings and environmental sustainability.


Since we offer both lit and non-lit caps, our customers can customize the look and functionality of the product in their environment. For consistency and maximum visibility, a Post Cap Light can be attached to each post. This design is ideal for high-traffic areas where ample lighting is necessary. Less-trafficked areas may benefit from placing Post Cap Lights on every other post, conserving energy and lowering costs.

Proprietary Control Hub

This unit fully powers your lighting system and gives you all the features you need for a customized lighting experience. You can set your lights to stay on for any length of time, from 1 to 9 hours or from dusk until dawn. You also control the brightness. And unlike some other systems’ control boxes, ours is clean and simple, comes in an aluminum housing, and color coordinates with your lighting package.

Seal-Coated Protection

Each unit’s circuitry is seal-coated with corrosion inhibitors to help maintain the product’s original condition and maximize longevity. By creating this barrier between the electrical components and the elements, the coating helps prevent corrosion. Thanks to this barrier, the unit will maintain its pleasing look and superior functionality for years.